Unscented Original Pomade

Unscented Original Pomade


Allergies to scent or just don’t like your hair products to have smell to them? We removed the scent from our Original Pomade to cater to everyone!

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Our popular Original Pomade, just without scent! Very limited run of 25.

Quick Facts

  •  Water-based
  •  Medium shine
  •  Medium hold, remains pliable
  •  Works in all hair types
  •  4 0z. glass jar
  •  Unscented
  •  All natural ingredients
  •  Handmade in Rochester, MI, USA

Application Technique: The Two-Step

  1.  Apply to damp hair while styling
  2.  Look swell

Pro tip: Use a blow-dryer while styling for additional volume and hold in straight hair.

Our Philosophy

Our pomade was born from personal frustrations with other products on the market. Nate began putting together small batches of natural ingredients in search of a water-based pomade with noticeable shine and a pliable, medium hold. The final result is nothing like you've ever seen before. Our original pomade has the consistency of a lotion, but after a quick rub between your hands, it shows its true holding abilities, and your hair will stay fly for the rest of the day (and well into the next, if you don't wash it out). Are you ready to stay fly with Ace High? Pick up a jar today!