Blue Suede Clay

Blue Suede Clay


Matte to satin finish. Strong Hold.

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Quick Facts

  • Water-based

  • Matte to satin finish

  • Strong Hold

  • Works in all hair types

  • 4 0z. glass jar

  • Orange Peel and Eucalyptus scent

  • All natural ingredients

  • Handmade in Rochester, MI, USA

Application Technique: The Two-Step

  1. Apply to damp hair while styling

  2. Look swell

Pro tip: Use a blow-dryer while styling for additional volume and hold in straight hair.

Our Philosophy

Our Blue Suede Clay was created from start to finish with matte in mind. We started by taking our Original Pomade recipe, breaking it down, and putting things back together until we had a product that held quite strong and had little to no shine. Unlike our OG Pomade, this clay has a more solid body to it - it takes a bit more bite to scoop, but it breaks down just as easy in the palms. After months of tweaks and fine-tuning, we're happy to unveil what we think is a hair-styling masterpiece (and we think you'll agree).